Vulfpeck have announced the impending release of a new studio album. The band shared that the forthcoming collection has been dubbed Schvitz and will drop in 2023. As a preview of what is to come, the group shared the first single, “Sauna,” listen below.

Comprised of Woody Goss, Cory Wong, Joe Dart, Joey Dosik, Jack Stratton, Theo Katzman and Antwaun Stanley, the new LP finds the cast of characters deliver 10 fresh tracks, including their lead single “Sauna,” a head-bopping groove filled with peppy instrumental moments.

The newly announced release ties into the group’s July 2022 appearance at Levitate Music & Arts Festival, where they played with the idea of what was to come by performing in robes and hats in the same style as their “Sauna” music video. See below.

Schvitz is Vulfpeck’s first new album since 2020’s The Joy of Music, the Job of Real Estate. The new collection represents the group’s seventh full-length release. Vulfpeck formed in 2011 and dropped their debut record, The Thrill of the Arts, in 2015.

Pre-orders for Schvitz are ongoing via Qrates, with specialized album pressings available in the U.S., U.K. and Japan. Additionally, a Crowd Funding campaign is open through Jan. 2, 2013. To pre-order the forthcoming LP and to learn more, follow this link.  

Listen to “Sauna” below. Scroll down to view the complete tracking list.

Schvitz Track List: 




New Guru

All That’s Left Of Me Is You

Simple Step


In Heaven

Serve Somebody

Romanian Drinking Song

What Did You Mean By Love?