Kitchen Dwellers have released the first track off of their second installment of their Reheated cover series, showcasing their version of Pink Floyd’s “Pigs (Three Different Ones)”.

Kitchen Dwellers began their Reheated series in 2018 with a four song EP featuring cuts from The Band. As stated above, this second edition – out July 31 – will showcase the work of Pink Floyd.

“After many rounds of debate, we ultimately chose to do Pink Floyd for the second volume,” explains guitarist and vocalist Max Davies (via press release). “Their songs also pose big questions about life and have the ability to make you think from different perspectives. We chose one song from three of their most influential albums; Wish You Were Here, Animals, and The Wall… We tried to recreate some of the iconic sounds that Pink Floyd managed to produce in the studio, this time, with acoustic instruments. Every single instrument track was recorded on one of our four instruments except for one, so we really had to work on getting it right. This release has been highly anticipated for us and It’s with great excitement that we can put this out into the world.”

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Listen below: