I traveled to beautiful Sheldon, VT to experience the Liberate Music and Yoga Festival and what an experience it was. I felt the music there liberated my heart, body and soul and it did the same for everyone in attendance. I found some very special people and they shared why music liberates them.

First I found Marco Benevento who was at the festival with Surprise Me Mr. Davis and the Everyone Orchestra. He didn’t want to tell me how music liberated him, but he wanted to show me. He walked me to the back of his van where inside was his piano. He played me a tune and then finished by yelling, “Liberate! You just have to share it.” If you want to see his spontaneous tune, check it out in my Relix Video Blog.

Next I found Michael Kang who is a member of The String Cheese Incident and was at Liberate with the Everyone Orchestra. He said, “Music is the ultimate liberation. Being able to freely express in multi-dimensions what we are here to do which is to be sonic receptacles for all the positive vibrations that are in the universe. So as it goes through me and goes out into space and beyond that is my ultimate connection to the universal energy that is happening.” I’ve got to say that Kang brings me positive vibrations and his music makes me dance my ass off. Michael Kang’s sweet music liberates me and everyone who is lucky enough to hear him play.

Kalmia Traver of Rubblebucket uniquely expressed how music liberates her in a beautifully quirky way. “Music liberates me because when you have air to breathe you feel alive and you feel that you can do whatever you want. Without air you would die and you wouldn’t be free. That is how music liberates me.” I don’t know how many of you have seen Rubblebucket Orchestra play before, but Kalmia is the voice of the band and her music allows everyone in the crowd to feel free. She performs with reckless abandon and that allows you to feel her music deep down in side. You know how some bands make you not only move your body, but they move your soul as well? That is how Rubblebucket is and that is liberating.

I had an interesting conversation with Nathan Moore of Surprise Me Mr. Davis where he shared what would happen to you if you keep the music inside of you and you don’t let it out. He said that it causes cancer so you should let it out. That is good advice Mr. Moore. I suggest that everyone reading this lets the music out…that sounds like we might be farting or burping, but I would say that singing, dancing and humming would let the music out in a more pleasant smelling way. It would sound a lot better too, but whatever way you can let the music out…do it!

Jamie Masefield of The Jazz Mandolin Project and The Everyone Orchestra had a refreshing take on how music liberates him. “Music is like painting where you might not expect to paint the painting that you thought you were going to paint. Sometimes it’s kind of surprising what you come up with and that it’s a part of you. It enables me to get to some places where I can’t get to during day to day life. It’s refreshing and liberating.” I thought this was an extremely interesting comparison. Some artwork I’ve produced I think, “Where did that come from?” It came from me and it wasn’t what I expected at all! It gets me excited to think when I see Jamie you never know what the show is going to be like. If he’s happy that day or sad that day it’s going to come out in his music. That is what keeps it interesting.

Last, but not least I spoke to a person that brings all of the superstars in the scene together to create some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. His name is Matt Butler and he is the conductor of The Everyone Orchestra. I could spend the next hundred pages trying to explain what he does or you could go to a show yourself or check out the video footage I caught in my Relix Video Blog. His music liberates others intensely. Matt said, “I like to be in the middle of that. Help facilitate super joy coming from people and to challenge the musicians, the crowd and myself.” We couldn’t agree more. Being at an Everyone Orchestra performance you feel a part of the act. The way the show goes depends on the mood of not only Matt Butler, but of the musicians there that day and the crowd. With an Everyone Orchestra show we are all one.

As you learned from all of these fine musicians I spoke to, music is liberating and important to living a fulfilling life. Without music what would life be like? It wouldn’t be good. It would be sad and I don’t know about you, but I would feel imprisoned. I’m so glad I live in a world where music inspires people to live the lives they love. To some music is their life. To others music is a part of their life. So….get out there and see some live music and liberate yourself!