Editor’s note: Here is the initial column from Taraleigh Weathers, which we premiered as a feature on the site. Each column also will be accompanied by a video, with the first one now up at Relix.com.


Hello! I’m Taraleigh Weathers the newest columnist for Jambands and V-Blogger for Relix and I’m going to show you “The Sunny Side of the Scene.” I will bring you tips, tell you stories and do my part to show you the positive side of the fabulous scene we are all a part of. I am so excited to be able help shine a light!!!

First things first. There is this stuff that is so important if you want to be not only a healthy live music goer but a healthy person in general. This stuff is everywhere and if you don’t use the stuff you will die. Umphrey’s McGee uses the stuff all the time. Here is a conversation they had about the stuff.

Joel- I need the stuff everyday.

Ryan- I don’t pay for the stuff! I don’t think anyone should have to pay for the stuff. The stuff should be free.

Joel- I need more. I want more. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I think, “God, I wish I had more stuff.” Every tour stop we are at we have to find the best hook up for the stuff.

Ryan- My stuff is the best stuff. Everyone deserves pure stuff.

…and you know what? They are right! Everyone does deserve pure stuff and do you know where you can get it? Right out of your faucet! That’s right folks. The stuff is water. Water is so important to our scene and here’s why. We need to hydrate after dancing to our favorite bands. We use it to wash our sweaty clothes. It is an important ingredient in tie-dye. We use it to cook. You can’t make heady burrito without it. When there is a fire on the mountain you can put the flames out with it. You can play in it and have wet tie-dye t-shirt contests. Beer wouldn’t exist without it! You can water plants and your garden with it. Jam Cruise would be on land without it.

How much water does the average person need? Take how much you weigh and divide it by two. That is the amount of water in ounces you should be drinking a day. If you are drinking alcohol or caffeine then you need to add even more ounces to that amount because they dehydrate you. An easy way to do this is to bring a portable water bottle with you everywhere you go. I decorated mine with fun stickers so every time I take a sip it is fun!

In order to have enough good, clean water for everyone we have to make sure we are conserving what we have. Be sure all your faucets are turned completely off when not in use. Take quick showers. Shower with a friend. Buy or make a rain barrel to water your garden and wash your car. When it’s yellow let it mellow. When it’s brown flush it down!

Chia seeds are not only important for growing a chia pet, but they are an amazing superfood. One of best qualities they have are they keep you hydrated longer. Chia seeds can absorb 12 times their weight in water. It’s ability to hold onto water prolongs the amount of time you stay hydrated too! How cool is that

An easy way to add them to your diet is to make a delicious chia pudding. Here is my favorite recipe:

3/4 cup chia seed
2 cups milk (organic, almond, hemp, rice, or soy)
Dash of salt
Splash of pure vanilla extract
Sweetener of your choice to taste (honey, agave, maple syrup, or cane sugar)

Mix the ingredients together and whip with a fork about every 5 mins for about 30 minutes until the mixture becomes thick like tapioca pudding. At first it will seem very liquidy. That is normal.

Now that you are super hydrated from chia seeds and the stuff you can bring some of you own sunshine to the scene!