Borgata Hotel Casino Atlantic City, NJ

Set I: Timmy Tucker > Bullet > Timmy Tucker > Crushing >Blue Jeans Pizza, Montego > Lazarus

Set II: Prestige Worldwide > Buster > Spine Of A Dog > Prestige Worldwide, Silver Sun, LL3 > Moth

Enc: Atlantic City*, Crab Eyes

Notes: *Debut (Bruce Springsteen)


Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
Moon Palace, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Warehouse, Where Are You Going, Too Much, Pay for What You Get, Fool to Think, #27, Jimi Thing, The Song That Jane Likes, Rooftop, The Dreaming Tree, So Much to Say, Squirm, Little Thing, Say Goodbye, Stay (Wasting Time), Kashmir, Waste^, Bathtub Gin^, Typical Situation, Why I Am, Dancing Nancies

Enc: Here On Out, Some Devil, All Along the Watchtower

Enc II: Crash into Me

^with Trey Anastasio