Beloved Michigan funk group Vulfpeck have announced that they’ll release their first full offering of all-original music in over a year, on Jan. 7. The recording is titled Vulf Vault 005: Wong’s Cafe and serves as the latest in a series of compilation projects that each focuses on a member of the band under the VULF VAULT SERIES. As one may expect, Vulf Vault 005: Wong’s Cafe was produced by the band’s guitarist Cory Wong.

In the past, the Vulf Vault series have utilized previously recorded music but Wong decided to introduce all-new material. Roughly half of Vulf Vault 005: Wong’s Cafe‘s songs were recorded pre-pandemic and the other half was recorded over the past few months. The release was mastered by frontman Jack Stratton and Wong contributed additional layers to unreleased recordings showcasing his proficiency as a producer.

In conjunction with the announcement, Vulfpeck have released “Smokeshow,” the first single off the recording, along with a video.

Pre-order Vulf Vault 005: Wong’s Cafe here.

Watch the video for “Smokeshow” below:

Release Date: January 7, 2022
Vulf Vault Series:
VV001 – Antwaun Stanley
VV002 – Inside the Mind of Woody Goss
VV003 – Theo!
VV004 – Dart
VV005 – Wong’s Cafe
VV006 – TBA
VV007 – TBA