Jambay Trio has announced plans for a brief reunion tour in the Northwest. The group is comprised of Matt Butler, Chris Haugen and Mike Sugar, who have also performed acoustically under the name The Lazy Porch Dogs. With the exception of a one-off New Years show with former member Shelley Doty, the band hasnt played together since November of 1996. Upcoming dates include March 6 at Siskiyou Brew Pub in Ashland, OR, March 7 at Cafe Paradiso in Eugene, OR and March 8 the Goodfoot Lounge in Portland, OR (with the Tye North Trio opening). The concerts will feature a mix of old songs and new material.
Jambay was a major draw back in the day, appearing on the HORDE Festival in 1994 and performing at venues such as the Fillmore in San Fransisco and Seattles Bumbershoot festival. The band also collaborated with Ken Kesey in 1994 on his play, Twister. As the story goes, Kesey called the group the best band since the Grateful Dead.