Stanley Mouse

As Las Vegas embraces Dead & Company’s Vegas chapter, and of course, the ensemble’s Grateful Dead roots, Sin City art gallery Animazing has announced its plan to honor the legendary San Francisco jamband, its latest off-shoot, and culture associated with the Deadhead community with “Visions of the Dead: A Grateful Dead Art and Photography Exhibition.” The retrospective exhibit and sale pull pieces of original work from percussionist and painter Mickey Hart, poster artist Stanley Mouse, longtime Dead photographer Jay Blakesberg and more. 

“Visions of the Dead: A Grateful Dead Art and Photography Exhibition” offers fans access to esteemed still-captures of the group, limited-edition graphics, and original/ completely unique works from sketches and paintings that span the band’s rich and nearly 60-year history. The showcase will run through July 14, with special appearances from Blakesberg, Mouse and Bobby Weir’s daughter/ photographer, Chloe Weir, on June 1 from 1-3 p.m. 

“This will be a powerful show featuring some of the most recognizable Grateful Dead artists in one place for the first time,” said Nick Leone, owner of Animazing Gallery. “Their art and photography are responsible for many iconic images synonymous with Grateful Dead. They have captured and created memorable moments that have defined this pop culture zeitgeist and pioneered new forms of artistic expression. We are also excited to be showcasing for the first me in a gallery the photography of Chloe Weir.”  

Art is available for preview via the Animazing Gallery website hps://