This month’s Fan Site is Here are some thoughts from the site’s founder, Jeremy Lach
I’ve always been a listener and supporter of internet radio. I love being able to tune in to a station 24/7 and hear my favorite bands while I’m at work or I’m home on my computer. Before was born, I was alternating between listening to grateful dead radio and listening to Cheese shows from the archive. After a while, I amassed a solid collection of Cheese shows. Then I thought: "Hey, The Dead have internet radio stations devoted to them, why not make one for the Cheese?" And so after some research, testing, and some encouragement from a friend, I did. In the beginning, I was hosting the stream off my personal computer, but as the radio attracted more listeners I upgraded to an external streaming server which I have been expanding ever since.
I love being able to share my favorite Cheese shows with others and help to bring back the memories of great shows gone by. It is also my hope to spread the magic of The String Cheese Incident to those who may not have had the opportunity to see them live during their time together.
String Cheese Radio is just about two months old and is expanding rapidly. In the coming months, I hope to implement a rating system for shows, as well as a place where listeners can upload photos from their favorite shows. In addition, I will be featuring more music from the SCI side projects as well as from Keller Williams. I am also looking for sponsorship to help cover the costs of the radio so if anyone would like to advertise on the radio or the site, please contact me.
Thanks for your support!