Peaches En Randalia #58

One year gone. Lost and found. A journey down.

Gonegonegone—from the West to Thrill City.

It’s hard to look back at a year and quantify the pluses and minuses, weigh the big events, and toss out the non-essential details. If anything, one assesses where one needs to be in the coming year, and faces the dreaded resolutions agenda. Never one to jot down internal “Notes to Self” at the beginning of a year, I prefer to look at time as an ocean, as I have always done. Events curl up and gain importance and subside, faces come and go, and imagery gains resonance and adds new colors of intrigue, or vanishes from view. Time is neither a judge, nor an impartial observer. Instead, it is like that wise old man who guards the Gates of Wisdom, laughing as you approach.

“Why do you smile so big when I am laughing at you?” asks the wise man to the fool.

“Because, for several years, I have had to pay to have someone laugh at me,” responds the fool. “And, now, you give it to me for free.”

“Enter the Gates of Wisdom,” replies the wise man to the fool. “You are ready now.”

Happy New Year, music and film and life lovers. May you find your answers within the textures of the waves of your own oceans of existence. And don’t fret. Like Phish, who flourished in the 1990s, and regained their stride in 2009 and 2010, there is always time to lift your weary head above water and see everything in any time for what it truly is: a pristine ‘Definitive Infinite’ as William Blake would say, until the water shifts, and it is time for another series of waves, another series of adventures to ponder and muse upon during our little existential experiential time travels from last year to every year…

Happy New Year, indeed.