Back in November I offered up some old Phish images, which were strewn about my office while editing the Festival 8 Express.

Well earlier this month, record floods in my home state of Rhode Island, filled my basement with water. It’s taken a few weeks to sort everything out but one of the containers I rescued was full of additional Phish memorabilia and the like, so I figured I’d share a few more things this month…

Here’s an early Pollock poster

A favorite tramp image

A Taft article about one of Trey’s high school bands, Red Tide. Note he only sings.

There he is on the right, singing. Sorry, the quality’s a little rough

Here he is on guitar though

Here’s a furry Fishman

And some Bad Hat(s): Jamie Masfield, Trey, Stacy Starkweather

More to follow come high water…

later days and peace,