This month I’m here to crow about our new website.

Nope, not Jambands, I think I’ve done my share of that of that, already. Instead, I’m a proud parent, squawking away about Jambands’ sister site, We’ve had our share of challenges since the new team took the reins at Relix Media LLC this past spring. There is quite a bit we’ve hoped to accomplish in a relatively short period of time. The notion of simultaneously revamping two websites has been a little intimidating (and frankly part of the initial challenge was just migrating more than 20,000 articles over to the new sites from some rather outdated platforms).

Once we turned to the sites themselves, Jambands became the first priority as we hadn’t made any substantive changes since 2002. Then it was time for (which was relaunched a few years ago, so it came second- although it was already overdue for an overhaul).

And, now, is available for your viewing (and listening) pleasure.

In part we want the new site to highlight the magazine and remind/inform people of all that we offer in print. Beyond that though, we’d like it to become a destination in its own right. So, we’ve focused on the multi-media side. We’ll have a variety of podcasts, music debuts and live performances available on our audio player. Beyond that, we’ll offer video premieres, live sets (quite a few of which will originate from the Relix offices), and other cool footage for folks to enjoy as well.

It’s been quite a ride, working to relaunch both and over the past months. I’m real happy where both sites are at right now, but I promise you, we have plenty of cool stuff on the way as well…

Later days and peace,