Late night….

Late night is hard for me to pull off since I get up so early for the work the next day and can’t afford not to be “on.” However, I wasn’t going to miss seeing some of Daryl Hall & Chromeo. The show was SO much fun, such a major sing-along and it was really obvious how much time and attention each musician put into the unique performance. It was impressive.

What was MORE impressive was Daryl Hall’s pre-show activity…hairdryer, mirror and gel….the end result was a fabulously 80s feathered do.

Time for some serious Saturday fun….Big Sam’s Funky Nation is taking us all by storm. Upbeat funk, constantly danceable, and ubber gifted, Sam’s got moves that will make you laugh out loud, he’s THAT groovy!

Not only is he an incredible musician, but also he’s extremely creative. I was honored when he prepared a special “gospel set” just for the Sonic Stage. Afterwards, he proceeded to hop off the stage and parade through the crowd to his CD signing. Now, THAT’s imaginative!

The most interesting band I had on the Sonic Stage all weekend was Clutch. The reason I say that is because the Sonic Stage allows bands to strip down from their normal performance and give their fans something extra special. Clutch, normally a harder rock band, performed acoustic for the very first time. Not only that, but they practiced their songs and striped down the versions during rehearsal so that they were rearranged to match their desired sound. It paid off….the fans went nuts. And I became a new fan, full of insatiable respect.

GWAR – no, they didn’t perform on my stage but I do book the CD signings and they had to hang around my backstage for a few before their fans could be wrangled into an organized line. For 20 minutes, we got to watch them play their roles….speak in their weird voices, romp around in those insane outfits….it was a sight not to miss. Now, I couldn’t stay up for their 3:00am show where they spewed fake blood into the crowd and apparently Margaret Cho proceeded to mock giving the lead man, Dave, a blow job as fake blood came out of his plastic penis, but my 20 minutes with them was pretty monumental.

When I fall in love and embrace a band, I give them all I’ve got… next quest: ORGONE. Soulful, funky with a Latin groove, this band has got it all.

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