In an unprecedented move, instrumental electronic rock band STS9 have revealed their groundbreaking new show concept, Selector 9, which will give fans the opportunity to curate the setlist for a special performance set to take place at Denver’s Paramount Theatre on July 20. Selector 9 will serve as the warmup night before the band’s highly anticipated two-night Red Rocks event, touted as Sound of the Light.

Selector 9 aims to bring the STS9 community closer together by allowing fans to participate actively in shaping the concert experience. Fans will have the chance to select the songs and fine-tune the setlist for the show with a few parameters.

The band is currently eager to hear what tracks the fans want to hear, which versions of each track they prefer, and how they envision the overall set and experience. “The idea behind Selector 9 is to involve our incredible fan base in a way we’ve never done before,” expressed STS9 keyboardist David Phipps in a statement. “We want to empower our fans and give them the opportunity to shape the musical journey of our performance in Denver. It’s a unique concept, and we can’t wait to see the creativity and passion that will go into crafting the ultimate setlist.”

The selection process for the fan-curated setlist will be divided into several stages. First, fans are encouraged to contribute their favorite STS9 songs, which must be findable on the band’s Bandcamp page and subscription from Live Shows. Bandcamp subscribers will have access to more songs and versions, making their participation even more exciting. From the approved song collection, fans will then have the opportunity to formulate setlists. Each setlist should consist of seven tracks for the first set, seven songs for the second set, and one encore. The top sets will go through a knockout tournament, where the fan-favorite setlist will emerge victorious.

As an incentive for participating, the top eight setlist curators will be awarded a two-day pass to STS9’s Red Rocks event. Additionally, the fan whose setlist is chosen will receive a pair of passes to all three nights in Colorado and a signed copy of their winning setlist, making it an unforgettable experience for the lucky winner.