Today, hot off their debut TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and currently on tour with Trey Anastasio Band, which just last night saw their debut collaboration with Billy Strings, Goose have released a new four-track EP titled Undecided via No Coincidence Records. A limited-edition vinyl release drop on Friday, Jan. 13, 2023.

Undecided was produced and engineered by D. James Goodwin, known for his work with Bob Weir and Kevin Morby, at The ISOKON studio in Woodstock, N.Y., during the sessions that resulted in Goose’s critically acclaimed album Dripfield. The four songs found on the EP were written by the band over the past decade and hold a unique spirit distinct from the songs that are found on Dripfield but maintain the same quality of production, instrumental skill, groove, and vocal cadence.

“These four songs have been around for a long time, and they’ve never been recorded,” shared Goose guitarist and vocalist Rick Mitarotonda in a press release. “We’ve performed different versions over the years, and we wanted to capture them in a new and exciting way.” 

Three of the songs on the EP: “All I Need,” “Tumble,” and “Undecided,” were penned by Mitarotonda during his teen years. The title track is referred to by its working title, “Bob Don,” by the Goose longtime Goose fan “I wrote [‘Bob Don’] when I was 14, and, actually, it was originally titled ‘Undecided,’” Mitarotonda shared reflecting on the renaming of the song. “We started calling it ‘Bob Don’ because we thought it was funny.”

The project is rounded out by “Elizabeth,” which was written by Goose guitarist, pianist and vocalist Peter Anspach. The song explores and digests the lingering feelings resulting from heartbreak.

“I wrote the lyrics as a reminder to myself to consider who and what else is out there,” added Anspach. “Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up thinking whoever you lost was the only one for you, but you never know who else is waiting for you to come along.”

Listen to Undecided here or below and pre-order the vinyl here.