Photo by Bill Kelly

John Popper shared a health update on social media a little over a month after Blues Traveler’s tour bus veered off the road and crossed over a median in Minnesota. Though the band reported only minor injuries immediately after the crash on Aug. 19, Popper has stated that there is something wrong with his right knee. He continued to write he suspects he has a torn ligament after he was slammed into the wall of the bus and is waiting on results from an MRI test.

“…I am reluctantly fearfully looking at getting crutches…and will definitely have to once again try the gig from a tall chair,” wrote Popper, “I’ve done this before, but each solid stance on my right can mean electric…shock-like pain…I will be damned if we’re gonna quit because of this… I know it may come to that if this injury becomes too difficult a battle living on a bus, but I’m not going down without a fight.”

Read Popper’s full statement below.

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