Photo by Jesse Fattz

Billy Strings kicked off his run of shows at the Westville Music Bowl in New Haven Conn., on Aug. 6. Strings filled the venue with an array of jams, covers of iconic songs and original tracks.

Strings opened with “Hollow Heart” then “Fire Line,” before slowing down with “Morning light.” The musician then phased into a string of covers. He started with Bill Emerson’s “Home of the Red Fox” which morphed into Johnny Horton’s “Ole Slew-Foot.” Strings continued using sonic alchemy blurring the lines between country and bluegrass homages and jamming throughout his set.

When it became apparent there’d be no set break the 28-year-old said the ensemble was going to “power through it” and “really give it hell,” to many fans elation. Strings continued the show with a cover of Jerry Garcia’s “Loser” and closed the night with three of his original tracks “Fire on my Tounge,” “Leaders” and “Wargasm.”

“New Haven??.. more like new heaven. One more time tonight folks.. let’s party,” wrote Strings on Instagram on his excitement for the second show set for Aug. 8.

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The Westville Music Bowl will also be hosting Daze Between on Aug. 9 featuring Warren Haynes & Grace Potter, Lettuce Celebrates JGB, Keller Williams Grateful Grass, Mikaela Davis Trio, and Roots of Creation’s Grateful Dub.

Photo via @billystrings Instagram