Joni Mitchell shared a previously unreleased recording of her performing “The Downtreader” from Cafe Le Hibou, Ottawa, on March 19, 1968. The performance was recorded by Jimi Hendrix.

Joni Mitchell recounted the day on her Instagram, “They came and told me, ‘Jimi Hendrix is here, and he’s at the front door.’ I went to meet him. He had a large box. He said to me, ‘My name is Jimi Hendrix. I’m on the same label as you. Reprise Records.’ We were both signed about the same time. He said, I’d like to record your show. Do you mind?’ I said, ‘no, not at all.’ There was a large reel-to-reel tape recorder in the box.”

A few days later Hendrix’s tape from that evening was stolen and the recording was thought to be lost forever. It was recently discovered in a private collection that was donated to the Library and Archives Canada and returned to Joni Mitchell.

This recording of “The Dawntreader” will be released as part of Joni Mitchell Archives Vol. 2: The Reprise Years (1968-1971) which will become available on Oct. 29.