Image via Gene Simmons’ Twitter post

Rock icons KISS have announced a virtual New Year’s Eve concert titled “KISS 2020 Goodbye.” The band has promised a larger-than-life virtual concert experience, including pyrotechnics, 360-degree camera angles, and a free pre-show. The virtual gig will be broadcast from the Atlantis resort in Dubai. 

Tickets to the livestream range from $39.99 for general admission, to a $999.99 deluxe package that includes a plethora of KISS memorabilia. Fans can click here to purchase tickets.

The band has also stressed the importance of masks in some recent social media posts. Gene Simmons posted a picture of the band sporting their masks in an airport, compelling his followers to, “Do the rest of us a favor! Mask up!”

Paul Stanley also expressed his frustration regarding misinformation about masks and the pandemic: “I’ve had enough of the self-serving & politically motivated mask misinformation & BS about this pandemic. I don’t want to hear about ‘my freedom’ & ‘my rights’ that then infringe on so many others,” stated the guitarist. 

The “KISS 2020 Goodbye” virtual concert will commence on Dec. 31 at 12 p.m. ET.