Prior to Col. Bruce Hampton’s untimely death at his 70th birthday celebration in 2017, the jam-scene luminary had completely filming of Here Comes Rusty, a feature comedy film in which Hampton stars. The film has finally been officially released, and it is available to purchase and stream.

Here Comes Rusty stars Hampton as a “duplicitious track owner and Fred Willard as a “less than honorable car salesman.” According to a press release, the two “make a monumental wager, turning their town upside down in pursuit of glory.” The film also features Joey Lauren Adams and Paulie Litt, as well as appearances by several notable musicians, including Brandon “Taz” Niederauer, George Porter Jr. and Nikki Glaspie.

The film’s release was delayed for a variety of reasons, many of them tragic. In 2016, Ross Smith, a producer and writer of the film, passed away. Hampton’s death occurred less than a year later. According to Live For Live Music, “Ross Smith’s brother and co-writer/co-producer, Hughes Smith, then launched a fundraising campaign to pay the music licensing fees necessary to fully release the film. The campaign was ultimately unsuccessful.”

Finally, this past July, Cinedigm purchased the rights to digitally release the film this fall. It finally came out on Nov. 17 and is available to watch on a variety of platforms. For more information, head to Watch the trailer for the film below!