Old 97’s have announced the release of the twelfth album of their career, aptly titled Twelfth. It is due to be released August 21.  

Miller discussed about how his five year sobriety influenced the album in an interview with Rolling Stone, saying, “Going back in, I thought, ‘What if I don’t bring anything to the table? What if I’m like Samson and the whiskey was my long hair and I cut it off and can’t write songs anymore?’… But [Twelfth] was the first record where, top to bottom, I felt I was back in the driver’s seat, found my voice, and came out the other side. It feels good” (via press release). Read the full interview here

In Addition to the release of their new album, Old 97’s have also shared the first single of the album, titled “Turn Off the TV”, along with a video directed by Liam Lynch. The video features Puddles the Clown as well as footage of the band throughout their career.

The alt-country band, fronted by Rhett Miller, has featured the same original members for 27 years; lead singer Rhett Miller, guitarist Ken Bethea, bassist Murry Hammond, and drummer Philip Peeples. The album’s title along with the cover image featuring former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach, Miller’s childhood hero, is a testament to the bands staying power as well as a recognition that the 97’s themselves have achieved their lifelong dreams of making a living as musicians.

Watch the video for “Turn Off the TV” here, and pre-order “Twelfth” here