While practicing electric guitar, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine played a portion of Phish’s “Divided Sky” on his Instagram story.

“I always look at the neck. It’s a bad habit I’m currently trying to break,” Levine wrote on the first slide that featured the Phish tune.

In a 2008 Jambands.com interview, Shirley Halperin, co-author of Pot Culture, revealed that Levine is a huge Phish fan (he was featured in the book).

“Adam Levine was a really big Phish fan,” Halperin said. “He saw a lot of shows when he was in high school and we got along and first bonded because of that. He mentioned it somehow and I was like, ‘You smoke weed, you like Phish, were going to get along great.'”

Check out the video of Levine’s take on “Divided Sky” below, captured by Reddit user RunawayBud.