In honor of Record Store Day’s Black Friday celebration, on Nov. 29 Phish will re-release their seventh studio LP The Story of the Ghost on vinyl.

According to, the remastered, double 180g vinyl will be foil-stamped for RSD Black Friday, and be available in a limited quantity of 8,000. The album was released on vinyl in 1998, near the beginning of the vinyl revival, but has long been out of print in that format.

“We would go [to the studio] at 5 p.m., and jam for 12 hours until 5 a.m. with lots of breaks—until sunrise,” Phish bassist Mike Gordon once recalled of the Story of the Ghost sessions. “We did it at Bearsville [Studios in New York] a couple times and we did it in Seattle with Steve Lillywhite one time. I love TheStory of the Ghost album—or I used to think of it as one of my favorites—simply because I felt more of the process than the other albums.”

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