photo by John Patrick Gatta

For this year’s Record Store Day, which returns to local vinyl shops tomorrow, April 13, The Flaming Lips will reveal their new LP, King’s Mouth, and today the band shares a new track from the effort, “All For the Life of the City,” which premiered over at Billboard.

The new record, a concept album about a community mourning the noble death of a benevolent monarch, came out of an art installation the Lips created back in 2015 at their home base in Oklahoma City and has since appeared in multiple cities around the country. Following up the release of 2017’s Oczy Mlody, the band offer the new LP, which features narration from The Clash’s Mick Jones.

Speaking to Billboard about “All For the Life of the City,” which chronicles the king’s death as he attempts to save his people from an avalanche, Lips frontman Wayne Coyne says, “This is the center of the story, the middle of the record where he’s celebrated, then he gets buried by the snow. At the very beginning it was a more sinister-sounding track; We still struggle with making it more fun.”

Listen to the new single below, via Billboard.