Just in time for summer tour, Dogfish Head brewing will revive their American Beauty pale ale.

As read in Relix‘s recent feature on the musical beer boom, Dogfish Head crowdsourced the recipe for American Beauty, sifting through over 1,500 recipie ideas before settling on the organic granola as its secret ingredient. It was an obvious choice at the time because the breakfast grain was “the main course in millions of parking lot meals” during the Dead’s tenure.

This new batch of American Beauty will be available in six-packs of 12 oz. bottles and it will contain 6.5% ABV. It also contains “succulent wildflower honey which adds toasty, sweet notes to this hoppy ale.”

“We, at Dogfish, are inspired by [the Grateful Dead’s] music, along with their unprecedented ability to bridge long-lasting, meaningful connections with fans for decades on end,” Dogfish Head CEO and founder Sam Calagione said in a statement. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with the Dead for a second iteration of American Beauty and hope fans of free-spirited music and independent beer will join in welcoming back this classic pale ale.”

Additionally, famed GD archivist is working with the beer brand to present “an immersive storytelling experience at their Rehoboth and Milton properties in early February.”

Read Dogfish Head’s full press release (via Brewbound) here.

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