_Camp Bisco 2018, via Disco Biscuits Instagram_

The Disco Biscuits went deep for their VIP Soundcheck Wednesday night at Camp Bisco.

As a precursor to their annual three-day outing at Pennsylvania’s Montage Mountain, the band played a two-song soundcheck set for a group of VIPs.

The set kicked off with a 42-minute “Nowhere Jam” that surely surprised all in attendance. Afterwards, the band – with their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks – jumped into their song “42.”

Camp Bisco officially takes place from July 12-14, and according to bassist Marc Brownstein the band has some surprises up their sleeves. “I have the [Bisco] setlist in my hand, and there’s some really cool, unique covers in there,” he recently told Jambands.com “Some that we’ve never played before, some that we’ve played before. There’s definitely some newer Biscuits music, things that have been played once or maybe not yet at all that I’m hoping will be ready by at least Saturday at Camp Bisco.”

Check out the full Bisco soundcheck setlist below:

The Disco Biscuits
July 11, 2018
Camp Bisco Soundcheck Set
Montage Mountain, Scranton, Penn.

Nowhere Jam^, 42

^: 42 minutes long