On Saturday, cities across the country held March For Our Lives demonstrations in support of gun-law reformation, spurred by the response of high-school students in Florida and elsewhere following the tragic shooting in Parkland, FL, last month. Seattle’s March For Our Lives gathering featured a performance from singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile, who welcomed special guest Dave Matthews for his own tune during the set.

Carlile kicked off her performance with her recent protest tune “Hold Out Your Hand,” off new album By the Way, I Forgive You, before offering a rendition of Bob Dylan’s “The Time’s They Are A-Changing.”

Carlile then spoke about running into one of her “heroes” during the march and asking him to play a tune during her set, eventually introducing Matthews, who took Carlile’s guitar and played his own song “Mercy,” but not before addressing the young people in the crowd, speaking out against the “madness of the gun laws and gun lobby” and explaining that he has lost both a sister and an uncle to gun violence. “It’s not our freedom that’s at stake,” Matthews says, addressing a common anti-gun-law-reformation argument. “It’s our children and it’s our future and comfort and happiness and education. I can’t wait till you can vote.”

Carlile then reclaimed the stage and her guitar, closing out her performance with another new album track, “The Joke,” and signing off by urging the crowd to “Lead the way.” Watch below via Seattle’s KOMO News.