New York music and burlesque venue The Slipper Room has produced a new film, The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man, and just released the movie for purchase.

The film, a first for the venue, was shown at multiple New York film festivals last last year, and the dark comedy is now available here. Read The Slipper Room’s description of the film:

Mr. Choade, the director of The House of Choade, a Grand Guignol theatre, has made an evil bargain with the Medicine Man, who has promised to help him make an artistic leap. A young girl, Linda, who has just been released from a mental hospital, gets a job performing at the House of Choade and becomes embroiled in these machinations. Linda’s ex-girlfriend Roxy re-connects with her and attempts to save her. This film, a dark comedy by first time director James Habacker, was shot in Manhattan and features many luminaries from the downtown performance art scene centered around the Slipper Room.

Watch the trailer for Cruel Tale below: