With the Presidential election about a year away, the voter registration non-profit HeadCount is polling fans about their political views and musical tastes. “Before you ask anyone to vote, you should ask people what they think,” HeadCount executive director Andy Bernstein said in a statement. The Questions range from the weighty (What would you most like to see President Obama do? Where do you learn about politics and elections?) to the musical (What do you most enjoy abut music? Where do you hear about music?). It also asks people to check off their favorite bands. That will allow for results to be compared band-to-band, and reveals other enticing bits of data such as how different fan bases overlap. (Ever wonder what percentage of STS9 fans also like Phish?). One person who takes the poll, chosen at random, will also be awarded two tickets to a show by any HeadCount-affiliated artist. To take the poll, visit www.HeadCount.org/DNAPoll.