Hank Sullivant as a Whig

Bassist/guitarist Hank Sullivant co-founded the garage rock trio The Whigs as a student at the University of Georgia and appeared on the band’s debut album, Give ‘Em All A Big Fat Lip. Sullivant left The Whigs in late 2006 to concentrate on his own folky, psychedelic songs and quickly joined MGMT, a group founded by his high school bandmate Andrew VanWyngarden. He played guitar with MGMT into 2008, before dedicating himself to his fulltime project Kuroma.

The Whigs will cross paths with Sullivant once again later this year. Kuroma will open for The Whigs at Athens, GA’s 40 Watt Club on October 8, marking the first time Sullivant had shared the stage with his former band since 2006. The Whigs will open for the Hold Steady at Columbus, OH’s Newport Music Hall on July 14. Kuroma will appear at Athens’s Caledonia Lounge on July 29.

Update: No sooner did we post this news than it was revealed that Sullivant returned to the stage with The Whigs a bit earlier than expected. As a reader points out, this past Sunday Sullivant played an entire set with the band in his Memphis, TN hometown after current bassist Tim Deaux was force to sit the gig out due to a death in the family.