The State of the Scene: A Conversation with Phil Lesh, Warren Haynes and John Bell

In honor of our 250th issue, we’ve brought three of our scene’s leading lights together on the cover to discuss the past, present and future of the musical environment that Relix emerged from almost 40 years ago. While that environment is constantly changing—as new bands explode onto the scene and older bands fade away—these three artists continue to push creative and improvisational envelopes. Here, they provide insight into their craft both onstage and off while reflecting on their own journeys. In addition to our roundtable discussion, each artist also garners a stand-alone feature following the Q&A to update Relix readers on what they’re up to.

The National: Natural-Born Collaborators

The National are often pegged as a Brooklyn, N.Y. indie-rock band and for good reason: They came together in the New York City borough in the late ‘90s and have come to define an artsy, moody, post-punk sound that’s often associated with the modern indie genre. But The National’s roots actually go much further back, as the five musicians grew up together in the Cincinnati area. As The National have become more comfortable with themselves and their sound, they were able to let down their guard during the recording of their new studio album, Trouble Will Find Me. Executive Editor Mike Greenhaus traveled to Ohio’s Bunbury Festival to explore The National’s Midwest roots and their unlikely rise through the indie-rock ranks.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band: The New Sound of the Old School

Preservation Hall Jazz Band are a New Orleans institution but that doesn’t mean they are content to rest on their laurels. More than 50 years into their career, Pres Hall are still breaking new ground with their first stand-alone appearance on network television since 1976 and their first CD of all original material, That’s It! Though the band’s members range in age from their 30s to their 80s, they have also scored a new generation of young music fans, thanks, in part, to their work with My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, who produced That’s It! with the group’s creative director, Ben Jaffe. Tim Donnelly spent time with the veteran New Orleans band and explains how a big-haired Oberlin College alum managed to take command of the new sound of the old school.

Plus: Brett Morgen, Cass McCombs, The Mother Hips, Moon Taxi, Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion, Sebadoh, Greyboy Allstars’ Chris Stillwell, 40 classic Relix covers, Holly Williams, Jacco Gardner and much more!

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