Editor’s note: As with all of her columns, Taraleigh Weathers also has provided an accompanying video, which can now be found at Relix.com


I’m going to teach you a workout that will get you ready for festival season. Let’s get physical!!!

What is one thing you definitely don’t want to do this festival season? One thing that is for sure is you don’t want to fall into a port-o-potty! In order to make sure this doesn’t happen you need to do squats to build up your quadricep muscles. Here’s how…

Start with your feet shoulder width apart

With all of your weight in your heals, bend your knees and pretend you are sitting down on a chair

Make sure your knees to not go over your toes
Stand back up
Do 10 reps
Sing I fell in love in a port-o-potty line by Keller Williams
On the last rep hold the squat in the down position
Do a little shake
Stand up
Repeat for 2 more sets

A crucial element in the festival workout is to build up your cardiovascular strength. There is nothing worse than losing your breath during a 15 minute jam. Find an activity you love to do like running, dancing, power walking, basketball, swimming, etc and make sure you do it for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week. I love to dance!

Some festivals like Mountain Jam and Moe.down take place on a hill and that hill can do a number on your calves if you haven’t prepared beforehand. It is very important to have loose calves so you can rock out all weekend on a hill. Here’s how to make sure your calves are loosey goosey.

Step your right foot in front of you left and bend it
Make sure your knee is not over your toe
Slide your left foot back as far as you can while leaving your heal on the ground
You should now feel a major stretch in your calf

Hold it for 30 seconds

Bend you left leg until you feel the stretch in the back of your heal

Hold it for 30 seconds
Bring your left foot to meet your right and shake it out
Repeat on the other side

Have you ever wondered how the Disco Biscuits prepare for Camp Bisco? You can now stop wondering. Sound Engineer Extraordinaire Bryan Holroyd shared with us that he gets ready for Camp Bisco that takes place from July 7-9th in Mariaville, NY by practicing tug of war. You can watch him in action on relix.com in my video blog. We were lucky enough to have Dr.Kim in the house with us backstage at the Disco Biscuits Terminal 5 show in NYC. Here is her tug or war advice.

“In order to prepare for tug of war, it is best to play tug of war. You also want to have strong hands so you can hold onto the rope. Gripping activities like holding onto a cold beverage will be very helpful. You want to make sure you have good body mechanics by using the major muscle groups. Make sure you sit back on your heals, use your legs, hold your core muscles tight and hold onto the the rope. You don’t want to depend on your arms because they aren’t as strong. Do that and you will be awesome at tug of war.”

Thanks for checking out my workout. I look forward to checking out all your moves this summer:)