Okay, I’ll admit my eyes are bleary but what’s important is that somehow we’ve done it again (and on time). Issue two of jambands.com is up here for your enjoyment. Once more I want to thank everyone who has worked to put it together. Last issue I singled out Jeff Waful for his efforts. This month, I’d like to cast my bloodshot gaze westward to our Hawaiian resident Sarah Bruner who is committed to the cause and going after it with gusto.

By the way, while we don’t have a general links page up, I want to remind you that there are indeed other sites out there trying to spread the good word. If you haven’t been to pauserecord.com yet, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results.

One final point- I hope you will all come out to our Jambands.com events this month. Either Andy or myself (and many of our editors, columnists and writers) will be at these shows which showcase some enlightened, enlightening jam bands (and these groups can rip too). Oh yes (shameless plug time) and don’t forget the read the second installment of Mikey, my crappy cartoon.

later days and peace,
Dean – [email protected]