TAUK have released a music video for their newest single titled “Moon Dub” this morning, July 21. The video, which was directed by Dani Barbieri, features many retro space-themed motifs as the band launches towards the stars. As they prepare for their trip they’re shot in black and white on what looks to be super 8 film, their rocket lands in the eye of the moon in homage to Georges Méliès’ Le Voyage dans la Lune, once they land–now in color–the band enjoys the moon rover and view of the earth as they play their instrumental track while moon dust bounces off their drums.

The video was captured over a single, hot summer day in New York City, in a studio without air conditioning, according to a press release.

Of the video’s concept, Tauk guitarists Matt Jalbert said, “The floating, spacey nature of the song coupled with Dani’s excellent creative input and execution brought us to Volvox Labs where we were able to make it feel like we are playing on the moon and do the shoot on their high-tech screens and come away with an amazing looking video. It was then that we actually landed on the song title. It was damn hot in those space suits, but worth it in the end.”