After a long hiatus, five days of Symbiosis Festival happened this year at the picturesque Pyramid Lake, Nevada. Long nights of dancing in the dust to incredible music transitioned to lazy afternoons dipping into the cool waters of the lake and enjoying the beach party atmosphere with friends and family. Breezes off the lake kept the dusty desert days surprisingly cooled while the sun glistened upon the incredibly massive stages and artworks around the village. The festival was timed to climax with an incredible view of the full solar eclipse on Sunday May 20th, complimentary filtered glasses allowed a view of the fiery ring of sunlight around the black disc of the moon.

The stage design was far beyond most events we have attended! Expert lighting design danced across complex constructions and exotic materials and furnishing, creating powerful shapes and symbols for all to enjoy.

The Eclipse stage: built by Osiris camp, Mandala Domes, Space Shaping, and Michael Christian. Here you found a range of live bands with emphasis on soul and groove married with electronic and progressive technology, jam explorations, and glitch dubstep. Lineup: James Blake, Little Dragon, Beats Antique, Tipper, PaNTy RAiD, Gang Gang Dace, Love & Light, Lowriderz, Nasty Ways, Photek, Rustier, Emancipator, and more.

The Sun stage: built by Symbiotic Creations and Bamboo DNA. House, psytrance, world, glitch, and more. Lineup: Claude Von Stroke, Damian Lazarus, Perfect Stranger, Salva, and more.

The Moon tent aka the Big Top: built by Vau de Vire Society (fantastic cabaret, circus, and acrobatic performances all week) and Michael Christian. Circus, lyricists, folk, and psytrance. Lineup: Lyrics Born, Rapa and the April Fishes, Diego’s Umbrella, El Radio Fantastique, Sour Mash Hug Band, and more.

The Earth stage: built by Satyr Yuga, Dept of Visual Consciousness, and Symbiotic Creations. Downtempo, psychedelic, world, and reggae. Lineup: Bluetech, Entheogenic, Adam Sheikh, Chub I Sabbah, Gaudi, Dub Kirtan All-stars, Bird of Prey, Desert Dwellers, and more.

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