Before she became the newest Punch Brother, fiddler Brittany Hass teamed with her sister, the cellist Natalie Hass, for their first collaborative album. 

Wholly instrumental and consisting of just the sisters’ instruments on 10 originals and one cover, HASS is a charming debut that one hopes will not wind up as the duo’s swan song as it binds Natalie’s longtime association with Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser with Brittany’s previous work with Crooked Still and Hawktail. 

Song titles such as “Free Space/Reel for Dennis,” “Kevin & Mícheál/Wayne’s Jig” and “The Hummingbird’s Visit/Splice” speak to the nature of these bloodkin melodies, which together create sonic double helix of highland, bluegrass and classical music with occasional hints of esoterica.