Thrill Jockey

You’re not going to find two more talented and underrated acts on Thrill Jockey’s current roster than Future Islands and Double Dagger.

Peals is comprised of one key member from each of these creative vessels of Baltimore’s new rock scene. But where William Cashion and Bruce Willen are used to pushing the limits of the volume threshold with their respectively distinctive spins on the post-punk idiom, the bassists bring that same passion to deliver the atmospheric experimentalism they compose under the Peals banner.

For Walking Field, the duo mine the nuanced aspects of mid-80s 4AD using everything from computers to banjos to toy piano to weave an aural transmission from the deepest squiggle in the human brain that exists purely for the intake of the modern classical of Steve Reich, Robert Fripp guitar solos and His Name is Alive at their most askew.

Walking Field is an interspatial journey into the depths of your headphones in ways you never thought possible.