Next Thursday, April 18, Phish will commence its four-night run at The Sphere in Las Vegas, making them only the second band to participate in a residency at the newly opened, high-tech location after U2. With the start date looming, the band’s Show Director and Co-Creative Director, Abigail Rosen Holmes, opened up about the impending format behind Phish’s long-awaited Sin City stand. 

Speaking with Geoff Edgers of The Washington Post, Holmes revealed clues and features of the concerts, including the reason behind the band’s decision to stick with a four-night presentation instead of stretching their stint like Dead & Company, who are currently locked into a six-week program. Holmes spoke of urging Trey Anastasio to stick to a shorter stint, telling him if they pushed it beyond the initial April 18 through 22 dates, “It’ll be good. But it won’t be great. If you just do four nights, it going to blow minds.” 

Moreover, Holmes also alluded to particular motifs that will weave the residency together and come into focus as it progresses night-to-night. “I’m not trying to be cagey,” she says. “I just want people to not have any idea what’s about to happen when they come into the room. That’s part of the fun of this.”

Poking at potential setlists and the nature of Vegas’ commemorative music scene, harnessed to anniversaries, album celebrations, and other miscellaneous events that require repeat plays, Anastasio insisted, “There is a quality of Vegas where older bands go to play their old album, to make a lot of money late in the twilight of their career.” Affirming, “That’s not what we’re interested in.”

Utterances at the Vegas fan experience followed Phish’s Evolve album announcement yesterday, Thursday, April 11. The set represents the band’s 16th studio set and first in four years. The title track, which is available to listen to here, previews the set. The full set is due on July 12 via JEMP Records. 

Moreover, the ensemble previously emphasized its prolific period by sharing news of their returning festival format, unveiling details on Mondegreen 2024, the band’s 11th self-produced event and first in nine years. Before the arrival of the Delaware weekend, Phish will participate in a slate of summer 2024 tour dates. For more information, visit

For those unable to attend Phish’s sold-out Vegas residency, livestreams are available for purchase.