North Mississippi Allstars drummer and cofounder Cody Dickinson has announced a new solo album, Homemade, slated for release on June 21 via Strong Place Music. For Homemade, Dickinson will handle all aspects of the album–songwriting, performing every instrument, engineering and production. The first track off Homemade, “Walk Right In,” is said to serve “as a powerful introduction to Dickinson’s new chapter in life as a seasoned touring musician who now has a family.” The tune also features his close friend, Tikyra Jackson of Southern Avenue. 

Dickinson says of the number: “It captures the energy of married life coupled with performing live music. It is a visceral cry for the committed.” 

Dickinson, who had played guitar in past groups like Hill Country Revue, wrote Homemade at home in Mississippi. “Goodbye Albuquerque Tuesday Night” was the genesis of the album. According to a statement, “Dickinson’s musical direction becomes clear as he sings about growing up and the responsibilities that come with being an adult. The rich, personal themes are accompanied by Ray Charles-worthy R&B on ‘Black Out Curtains,’ and the album closes with Jackson’s soaring vocals on the modern-day gospel track ‘Can’t Feel At Home.’ ‘Homemade Blues’ takes it back to Dickinson’s childhood, a personal story about growing up with the Burnsides and Kimbroughs in North Mississippi. The verses are first-hand accounts of his adventures at Junior Kimbrough’s club in the late ’90s, during the peak of the Hill Country Blues resurgence.”

Dickinson and the Allstars will perform at  Savannah, GA’s Savannah Music Festival on April 10. He is expected to announce solo tour dates in the near future. 

Homemade Track Listing
1. Homemade Blues
2. Big City
3. Walk Right In*
4. Goodbye Albuquerque Tuesday Night
5. Blackout Curtains
6. Easy
7. As Fast As It Comes
8. Homewrecker
9. Worldwide
10. Can’t Feel at Home (featuring Tikyra Jackson of Southern Avenue)