The Stone, New York’s not-for-profit experimental music venue, founded by Avante Garde composer John Zorn in April 2005, has added a forthcoming residency curated by pianist Brian Marsella. The slate of concert appearances will occur over March 6 through 9 in various formats, including solo, duo, trio and collaborative presentations. 

Continuing the tradition of pulling in different artist-curators for weekly residencies at The Stone, Marsella’s run of dates will pick up on Wednesday, March 6, with a duo performance featuring his own piano stylings paired with Sae Hashimoto’s assistance on vibraphone. 

Following up after the initial night on stage, Marsella will continue his residency on Thursday, March 7, tapping into a trio format, where he will add instrumentation on piano and synth, with accompaniment from trumpeter Peter Evans and drummer Nasheet Watts. 

On Friday, March 8, the curator will bring an all-star assemblage of players up for a collaborative approach to the evening, with added assistance from John Medeski on organ and keys, Billy Martin on drums and percussion, Trey Anastasio Band member Cyro Baptista on percussion and Marsella adding keys, piano and Rhodes to the mix.  For Marsella’s final stand on Saturday, March 9, he will deliver a solo set. 

Scroll down to view a breakdown of the impending residency schedule. 

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3/6 Wednesday

8:30 pm


Brian Marsella (piano) Sae Hashimoto (vibraphone)

3/7 Thursday

8:30 pm


Brian Marsella (piano/synths) Peter Evans (trumpet) Nasheet Waits (drums)

3/8 Friday

8:30 pm

Marsella, Medeski, Martin and Baptista

Brian Marsella (piano, Rhodes, keys) John Medeski (organ, keys) Billy Martin (drums, percussion) Cyro Baptista (percussion)

3/9 Saturday

8:30 pm


Brian Marsella (piano, celeste)