A livestream to support the families of the victims of terror from the Nova festival is live now. The event titled From Darkness to Light is a Rosh Chodesh Kislev–the start of the third month of the civil and ninth of the religious year–celebration taking place at Camp Mashiach in Bet Shemesh.

The mass killing on Oct. 7, just five weeks ago, was part of a series of coordinated Hamas attacks on Israel, which included targeting Israeli civilians at the Nova festival and in the nearby communities of  Be’eri, Netiv HaAsara, Kfar Aza, Nir Oz and Holit.

The celebration website states: “We are hosting a concert from a mountain-top in Israel to express our love for G-d & freedom and to honor those affected by terror. 100% of profits from the event will go to families of victims of terror of the Nova festival.”

From Darkness to Light will feature musical performances from Shlepping Nachas, Young Bekesha, MishkaN and Jakani and see fire eating and breathing by Israel Haddad. This celebration will be marked by a new moon and is aligned with the enduring and indomitable spirit of the country’s people.

The livestream will continue for the next few hours and can be watched here.