Victor Wooten & The Wooten Brothers have unveiled an electrifying new music video for their latest single, “SWEAT,” the titular track from their upcoming album—their first in decades. The funky and fresh release arrived just before the Wooten brothers kicked off their highly anticipated reunion tour last night in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Fronted by the globally acclaimed bassist, author and music educator, Victor Wooten, The Wooten Brothers bring together a powerhouse lineup, including keyboardist Joseph Wooten, Roy “Futureman” Wooten, celebrated for his groundbreaking musical inventions such as the “Drumitar” and the “RoyEI” keyboard, and Regi Wooten. The brothers–who began making music together in their early years–have each pursued distinctive musical journeys and now, are reuniting for a groundbreaking collaborative album and tour, marking their first major collaboration since the passing of their brother, Rudy Wooten, in 2010.

Victor Wooten expressed his enthusiasm for the reunion tour earlier this year: “Being in a band with my brothers is the best thing for me. It’s like a family reunion every time we get together to play. They are my teachers, and I feel most at home with them. The music we are working on at the moment is a collection of new and old. We have songs that were recorded decades ago that have never been heard by anyone. We also have newer music that was recorded over the last year. It will be a nice collection of old and new. With the older music, we want to introduce the world to Rudy, our saxophone-playing brother who passed away in 2010. Be prepared to have your mind blown.”

Following the Tennessee tour kickoff, The Wooten Brothers will embark on a journey through the South and Northeast. Find a comprehensive list of tour dates and further details on tickets here.

Watch the video for “SWEAT” below.