In a much-anticipated literary debut, long-time Grateful Dead devotee George Michaels has announced the release of his first book, Grateful Dead TourTales, Volume One: 1984-1987. Michaels, known for his unwavering dedication to the Grateful Dead and his extensive collection of concert memorabilia, has spent over a decade compiling his experiences and anecdotes from the band’s live shows.

The book, touted as a second-generation narrative, unfolds as a coming-of-age tale, centering on Michaels’ journey from being a young fan of rock northern New Jersey to his rediscovery of the Grateful Dead. Michaels invites readers to join him and his colorful cast of companions on a wild ride, taking them from “Saratoga to Stockholm” and sharing in the magic of the Grateful Dead’s legendary tours.

Grateful Dead TourTales, Volume One, as the title implies, delves into the period spanning 1984 to 1987, a pivotal era in the band’s history. It captures the Grateful Dead’s evolution from cult favorites in the early days of MTV to their triumphant resurgence in popular culture and the Billboard charts. Readers can expect to embark on a psychedelic journey through small towns and big cities, experiencing over 40 electrifying Grateful Dead concerts through Michaels’ eyes.

The book is now available to readers through various formats on Amazon, including Paperback for $15.00, Hardcover for $25.00, and Kindle for $7.50. Learn more and order here.