After ending the summer with a pair of pier appearances in Baltimore and New York City, the legendary Grateful Dead backbeat and his posse of players, known as Billy & The Kids, have followed up and announced a two-night stand at the storied Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, N.Y. The shows are slated to take place on October 20 and 21 and represent the only tour dates on the calendar for this group of artists.

Rumors began to swirl late Thursday evening after a Tweet was shared via Billy & The Kids’ official account: “So… we went pier to pier. Up next, we’re thinking of maybe pulling into a port and kicking up our feet for two nights…. But what port?” The speculative statement ignited talk, particularly in the comments section, as fans threw out their choice of venue. 

The band turned around and confirmed the news this afternoon. Kreutzmann revealed that the impending stand will include accompaniment from frequent lineup contributors Tom Hamilton, Aron Magner, Reed Mathis, and unnamed guests. Most recently, on the road, the drummer invited Kanika Moore and Daniel Donato to join as special guests. 

In a post shared by Kreutzmann today, he wrote: “I had so much fun going ‘Pier to Pier’  with the Kids last month, but now it’s time to pull into port – Port Chester, NY, that is – and drop anchor for two nights at Peter Shapiro’s Deadhead Palace.”

So I’m inviting all of you to my East Coast ‘Daze of the Dead’ parties. Please dress in costume (if the spirit moves). @billykandthekids will be joined for both of these shows by some very special guests – I’ll keep you guessing for now, but I’m just over the moon about them,” he continued.

Kreutzmann concluded, “When we dance, we are all together, we are all one, and we are all very much alive. This ‘Daze of the Dead’ trick is for New York but don’t you worry California – stay tuned for a special treat.” 

A presale for Billy & The Kids’ Port Chester, N.Y., stand is underway. Learn more here.