On Sept. 29, Steve Earle will host an intimate songwriters circle in support of Camp Winnarainbow, a circus and performing arts refuge for folks of all ages founded in 1975 by Wavy Gravy. The show, dubbed Toward The Fun(ds), is set to take place at San Francisco’s Herbst Theatre at the end of the month.

Amongst the featured artist slated to participate in the songwriters’ circle led by Earle are his longtime bandmates, the married musical twosome Chris Masterson and Eleanor Whitmore, otherwise known as The Mastersons.

Also included in the event are big-name artists such as Emmylou Harris, Jackson Browne and Billy Strings, who have all signed on for the Sept. 29 benefit at Herbst Theatre. Moreover, additional musical guests are expected to join the intimate affair.  

Of the camp, Wavy Gravy said, “Survival in the 21st century or how to duck with a sense of humor and a dollop of compassion. Kids from every walk of life come together and make a kind of a universal whole at Camp. Everybody gets something from each other, and we end up being a community together and filled with love. And wonder.”

To purchase tickets to the Earle-hosted songwriters’ circle, visit cwrbenefit.org

For those interested in making a financial contribution and donating to Camp Winnarainbow, you can do so here.