Photo Credit: Chris Quinn

On Saturday night, Eggy debuted at the storied Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, N.Y. The weekend event brought forth electric and acoustic jams in addition to some notable surprise guests to assist in making Eggy’s first appearance at the venue one to remember. For the occasion, the billed band invited Rusted Root founding member Michael Glabicki and Goose’s Ben Atkind on stage for some fun collaborative moments. 

Amongst the night’s more pinnacle times were those steeped in spacey jams and improvisations. Synergetic explorations with the evening’s surprise guests added to the significance of the event, particularly when Eggy invited Glabicki and Atkind to the stage for a take on the Rusted Root hit number “Send Me On My Way.” The choice song appeared to nod to Rusted Root’s appearance at Woodstock 1999, where they performed the beloved tune to a packed and elated audience.

Additionally, Eggy’s set saw an acoustic take on 2019’s “Finding and Losing,” which included memorable guitar solos by Jake Brownstein, the co-writer of the tune. Improvisations led to a teaser of The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” before the band returned to their original material on “Watercolor Days.” Then they turned the volume up for an electric take during the second set, which began with “The Genetic Method,” before the ensemble took on The Band’s “Chest Fever.”

Once again, the night’s guests took the stage for a take on “Backyard Bear” and “Shadow” before Eggy concluded their electric segment on a powerful “Twelve Pounds of Pain” paired with an instrumental reprise of Rusted Root’s “Send Me On My Way.” For their encore, Eggy invited the night’s opener and collaborator Brad Goodall and his band to the stage, in addition to Atkind for a take on the Marvin Gaye original, turned seminal cover for The Band “Don’t Do It.” 

Following Saturday night’s performance at the acclaimed Woodstock, N.Y., venue, Eggy followed up with a pre-party appearance for Phish’s Sunday night gig in Atlantic City.

See photos and clips from Saturday night’s performance at Levon Helm Studio in Woodstock, N.Y., below.

At this time, a complete setlist has not been made available.