Neil Young and Crazy Horse have released a new documentary titled, A Band A Brotherhood A Barn. The film follows a personal narrative focused on the making of their 2020 album Barn.

Director, Daryl Hannah, gives fans an intimate portrait of the band’s creative process and the actual barn that is the album’s namesake – where it was recorded. Live footage of Young and the band rocking out, laying down tracks in the cozy, wooden logged “restored 19th-century” barn’s interior, is artfully interspersed with gorgeous, unhurried time-lapses of the barn’s exterior, the meadow in which it nestles and the surrounding mountains.

The film also includes some of the song arrangement and technical back and forth dialogue that occurred while the album was put on tape. All of these elements come together to give the viewer a sense that they are simply relaxing in a corner hanging out with the creative family as they commune and play before stepping outside to take in the mountain air and gaze at the night sky while the music floats on from the glowing open door. 

Watch the complete documentary on YouTube below: