Photos by Johann Rashid via @TheStrokes on Twitter

Bringing a spark to NYC’s long-dormant nightlife, The Stokes played the city’s first full-capacity show since the onset of the pandemic on June 12 to a vaccinated, sold-out crowd at Irving Plaza.

The band assembled to support mayoral candidate Maya Wiley, continuing their trend of backing outsider candidates, like their 2020 push for Bernie Sanders.

Onstage guests included Wiley, NYC congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, comedian John Mulaney and musician Blood Orange, who joined the band for a mid-set version of “One Way Trigger.”

“Holy shit, New York is back!” Mulaney said at one point.

Musical highlights included the an opening trio of “Juicebox,” “Someday” and “The Adults Are Talking,” as well as a rocking, closing take on “Reptilia.”

The NYC mayoral primary will take place on June 22, followed by a general election on Nov. 2.

Check out the setlist, photos and clips of the show via YouTube below:

The Strokes
June 12
Irving Plaza, New York City

Juicebox, Someday, The Adults Are Talking, One Way Trigger^, You Only Live Once, Hard To Explain, Ize Of The World, The Modern Age, 12:51, Is This It, Bad Decisions, Take It Or Leave It

Enc: Automatic Stop, Last Nite, Ode To The Mets, Reptilia

^ with Blood Orange

“One Way Trigger” w/ Blood Orange: