On Dec. 16, Keller Williams will drop brand new collaborative project dubbed Cell.

In Williams own words, the LP was created in partnership with “electronic wizard” Erothyme.

“I named it ‘Cell’ because all of my guitar and vocals were recorded through a voice memo app on my CELL phone, and sent to Bobby West a.k.a. Erothyme, where he edited, beat mapped, performed, engineered, mixed, mastered and produced,” Williams added via official statement. “Some will say that all those things I listed falls under the job of the producer, but I feel that you the reader/listener, need to know the full scope of his involvement. These recordings would’ve never escaped from my phone if it weren’t for Bobby. My fears of a deadly airborne virus kept me out of the studio this year. Lucky for me, I had no material. 6 out of the 8 songs on “Cell” are completely improvised.”

Read Williams’ full statement about the new album here.

To get a taste of Cell, listen to lead single “Bare My Soul” via Spotify below: