Photo by Danny Clinch

On July 10, My Morning Jacket will release The Waterfall II, a sequel to their 2015 album of the same name.

To celebrate the release, the Louisville rockers will hold a July 9 listening party on YouTube and perform cuts from the album on July 15 on The Tonight Show, marking their first live performance since Aug. 10, 2019.

Material on The Waterfall II comes from the same recording sessions as its predecessor but, according to a press release, the tracks are relevant now more than ever.

“The decision to unearth The Waterfall II was sparked from a bit of serendipity in the early days of self-quarantine. While out on a walk, [frontman Jim James] placed his music library on shuffle and soon stumbled upon ‘Spinning My Wheels,’ a tender rumination on the struggle for presence, its lyrics confessing to feeling ‘hypnotized from doing the same old thing.’ Struck by the song’s enduring relevance, James revisited the other tracks reserved from the Panoramic House sessions and found that they invited a welcome moment of self-reflection—an outcome perhaps even more perfectly suited to the chaos of the current day than the circumstances of their recording.”

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Tune in to the full-album listening party on July 9 at 9 p.m. ET here or below: